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Zalman "Sal" Sulaymanov is more than just an author and day trader; he's a trailblazer in the world of finance. With over 15 years of experience in the high-stakes realm of day trading, Sal has not only mastered the markets but has also dedicated himself to teaching others to do the same.

Sal's journey in finance is one of remarkable transformation and tenacity. Immigrating from Ukraine as a child, he overcame the challenges of his early life to become a leading figure in the financial world. His unique path from fledgling trader to successful fund manager and entrepreneur is not just a story of financial success, but a testament to his unyielding determination and grit.

As the founder and head instructor at NYC Academy of Trade, Sal has turned his passion for trading into a thriving educational platform. His proprietary level trading strategies, once the preserve of institutional traders, are now taught to a new generation of traders, many of whom have gone on to achieve their own success in the markets.


Beyond the trading floor, Sal's entrepreneurial spirit has led him to establish and operate numerous businesses across various sectors, including sustainable energy and oil exploration. This diverse experience not only enriches his understanding of the markets but also provides a well-rounded perspective that he brings to his teaching and writing.

In his latest book, "How to Suck Less at Day Trading," Sal distills his extensive knowledge into an accessible format, offering readers an insider's view of the trading world. He combines the wisdom gleaned from his years of trading with practical strategies and psychological insights, making this book an invaluable resource for traders of all levels.

When he's not decoding the markets or mentoring future trading stars, Sal is a devoted husband and father. His family life is a cornerstone of his success, providing both inspiration and grounding as he navigates the complex world of finance.

Engaging, insightful, and always approachable, Sal's writing and teaching embody his belief that success in trading, as in life, comes from a blend of knowledge, discipline, and a dash of humor. In "How to Suck Less at Day Trading," he invites you to join him on this journey, offering guidance, encouragement, and the kind of mentorship that only someone of his experience and caliber can provide.

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Other Services We Provide

ZFUND, LP an investment fund specializing in futures trading with a 30 day rollover and cash flow options for the investor.

Commodity Trading Pool

Investment Fund

The ZFund is an innovative, open-ended 30-day investment fund designed to offer our investors enhanced liquidity and cash flow, with the added flexibility of no lock-in periods.

NYC Academy of Trade. A school for daytrading classes both in-house and online teaching institutional level trading strategies.

Trading School

NYC Academy of Trade stands as a comprehensive day trading school, offering an extensive range of courses both in-classroom and remotely. Our curriculum encompasses a broad spectrum of markets including futures, stocks, forex, options, and crypto. Our instructors, experts in the nuances of price action trading, swing trading, and long-term investing, bring real-world experience and in-depth knowledge to each session, ensuring a well-rounded education for every trader, regardless of their experience level.

Zillionaire trading is a proprietary trading firm.

Proprietary Trading Firm

Our prop-firm specializes in intra-day trading of futures and commodities, harnessing the dynamic nature of these markets. The backbone of our trading team consists of graduates from our Trading School, individuals who have demonstrated exceptional potential and are subsequently offered positions at our funded Trade Desk.

Zillionaire Investments, llc is an investment fund manager and general partner, managing a commodity trading pool.

Fund Management

Zillionaire Investments, serving as a general partner, expertly manages a diverse portfolio encompassing a range of assets. This includes real estate, trading funds, and various business ventures, demonstrating a broad and strategic approach to asset management and growth.

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