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Part one and two of book series


"How to Suck Less at Day Trading" by Zalman "Sal" Sulaymanov is not just another trading manual—it's a revolutionary guide that takes readers on an in-depth journey into the world of day trading. With over 15 years of experience in the trenches of the financial markets, Sal brings his unparalleled expertise to this comprehensive tome, designed to elevate both beginners and seasoned traders to new heights of success.


 "How to Suck Less at Day Trading" is more than a book—it's a mentorship in print. It is your guide to navigating the intricate world of day trading, filled with Sal's personal insights, professional strategies, and a wealth of knowledge that can only come from years of successful trading.


For All Types of Traders: Whether you are just starting or are looking to refine your trading skills, this book offers valuable insights and guidance. Sal's experience in trading stocks, futures, and forex markets ensures that readers from all trading backgrounds will find something of value.


Educational and Empowering: Beyond its educational value, "How to Suck Less at Day Trading" is a source of empowerment. Sal's writing style is engaging, filled with humor and real-world anecdotes that make complex topics accessible and enjoyable.


Risk Management: A significant focus of the book is on risk management. Sal breaks down complex risk management concepts into understandable segments, teaching readers how to protect their capital while maximizing their trading opportunities.


Tools of the Trade: The book also provides extensive knowledge on the technical aspects of trading. From charting software to market research and pre-market preparation, Sal equips readers with the tools needed to make informed trading decisions.


Psychological Mastery: Sal emphasizes the often-underplayed aspect of trading psychology. He guides readers through the mental and emotional discipline required to succeed in trading, offering unique insights into mastering fear, greed, and the self-sabotage cycle.

Real-World Strategies and Techniques: Drawing from his experience as a professional trader and head of a proprietary trading firm, Sal shares the exact strategies and techniques used by top traders. Readers will learn not just the theory, but also the practical application of these strategies in daily trading.


Journey from Novice to Expert: This book begins by setting the stage for what it truly means to enter the world of day trading. Sal addresses the challenges and rewards head-on, providing a realistic outlook on what it takes to thrive in this fast-paced environment. His personal story of immigration, struggle, and triumph is interwoven throughout, making the learning experience both relatable and inspiring.


Comprehensive Coverage: Spanning over 700 pages with more than 110 chapters, the book is an A-Z guide on every aspect of day trading. From understanding the Pattern Day Trader Rule to mastering institutional-level strategies, Sal leaves no stone unturned. The book delves deep into various trading systems and strategies, market mechanics, trading psychology, risk management, and effective trade execution.






With Topics Explained In Detail

List Of Sections

  • So You Want To Be a Day Trader? 

  • Time for Some Tough Love

  • What to Expect When You Start Trading:  A Realistic Outlook 

  • Understanding the Pattern Day Trader Rule (PDT) 

  • The Business Of Day Trading: CEO, CFO, COO, and Janitor In One 

  • Commitment Required for Trading: Ball & Chain 

  • Tax Liabilities in Trading: What You Need to Know 

  • Professional Trader Status:  From Pajamas to Business Casual 

  • Retail vs. Institutional: 

  • Day Trading vs. Swing vs Scalping 

  • Trading Systems & Strategies:

  • Sim Trading:  The Traders Gym 

  • What Markets Can Be Traded: The Trader's Smorgasbord 

  • Trading Instruments Within Each Asset Class. 

  • Cryptocurrency 

  • Understanding Financial Markets: 

  • Function and Importance of Financial Markets 

  • Complex Landscape of Securities 

  • Market sectors: 

  • Major Exchanges worldwide: 

  • Noteworthy Financial Crises and Their Lasting Effects 

  • Regulatory Agency’s That Oversee The Market. 

  • Who are the key players? 

  • Market Makers and Arbitrageurs: 

  • The Zero-Sum Game in Financial Markets: (Almost) 

  • Best time of day to trade for each market 

  • Dark Pools In The Markets: The VIP Section

  • The Dynamics of Risk-On and Risk-Off Assets 

  • Trader's Lexicon: Trading Lingo and Slang 

  • The Economics of Pay for Order Flow and Zero-Commission Trades 

  • Navigating Commissions and Fees in Trading. 

  • Trade Settlement Process: In Milliseconds 

  • Understanding Margin in Trading:  The Silent Killer 

  • Charting Software

  • Hardware Essentials: Mission Control 

  • Connecting to the Financial Markets 

  • Trading Software: Your High-Tech Utility Belt 

  • News Sources: Your Radar Systems for Trading 

  • Market Research: Reconnaissance Mission 

  • Scanning: Your Treasure Hunt 

  • Pre-Market Preparation: Start and Warm Up Your Engine 

  • The Evolution and Importance of Trading Psychology: 

  • Emotional Discipline: The Zen Mastery of Trading 

  • The Self-Sabotage Cycle 

  • Fear and Greed in Trading: A Double-Edged Sword 

  • Trading vs Gambling 

  • Patience: The Unsung Hero of Trading Profits 

  • Sticking to Your Trading Rules: 

  • Meditation Exercises for Traders: A Guide to Enhanced Focus and Emotional Balance 

  • Advanced Meditation Exercises for Traders: Guide to Mastering Your Mind 

  • Neurolinguistic Programming for Day Traders: Mastering Your Mindset 

  • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis: 

  • Understanding Balance Sheets and Income Statements: 

  • Earnings Reports 

  • Economic Indicators: 

  • Market Moving Events Ranked By Importance 

  • Interest Rates and Their Impact: 

  • Trading The Futures Markets 

  • The Art of Charting 

  • Candlesticks in Trading: Introduction 

  • Liquidity in Financial Markets: The Lifeblood of The Markets 

  • Technical Analysis: The Study of Market Behavior 

  • Support and Resistance Levels: The Floors and Ceilings of Trading. 

  • The Dynamics of Supply and Demand: The Fuel of Support and Resistance 

  • Understanding Daily and Intraday Levels 

  • Understanding Market Structure: 

  • Fractal Nature: Market Complexity. 

  • Periods of Consolidation: 

  • Pullbacks, and Throwbacks: This Ain't Football! 

  • Dow Theory, Charles H. Dow: The Grand Daddy Modern Technical Analysis 

  • Mastering Trend Analysis: Markets Language 

  • Market Reversals: The Mechanics. 

  • Multi-Time Frame Analysis 

  • Auction Market Theory: The Grand Bazaar of Trading 

  • What Moves the Markets: The Symphony of Buying and Selling 

  • Psychological Trading Levels: The Herd Mentality and Its Impact on Market Behavior 

  • Everyone Has A Theory 

  • Volume Principles in Trading: Gas Pedal of The Market 

  • Pivot Points: A Trader's Compass for Identifying Key Price Levels 

  • Price Gaps 

  • Proactive and Reactive Support and Resistance 

  • Identifying Areas of Supply and Demand: AKA “ZONING” 

  • Market Depth and The Order Book: The Trader's X-Ray Vision 

  • Trading DOM (Depth of Market) 

  • A Guide to Order Types in Trading 

  • The Bid-Ask Spread: The Trader's Transaction Cost 

  • Market Orders: The “I Want It Now" of Trading 

  • Limit Orders: The "Name Your Price" of Trading 

  • Stop Orders: The "Safety Net" of Trading

  • Chart Indicators: Comprehensive Guide 

  • Leading and Lagging Indicators 

  • Most Popular Chart Indicators 

  • Fibonacci: The Golden Ratio. 

  • Divergence in Trading: A Signal You Can't Afford to Ignore 

  • Market Correlations: The Threads That Tie Markets Together. 

  • Seasonality in the Financial Markets 

  • Candle Stick Patterns: 

  • Chart Patterns 

  • Get In Tune With The Markets 

  • Market Sentiment 

  • Price Action 

  • Risk Management: 

  • Step 1: Crafting Your Trading Objective 

  • Step 2: Methodology Behind Your Trade Plan 

  • Step 3: Risk Management and Your Trade Plan 

  • Step 4: Trading Strategies in Your Trade Plan 

  • Step 5: Keep a Trade Log 

  • Trading Strategies: “The War Plans” 

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