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Part two book

"How To Suck Less At Day Trading" Part 2


"How To Suck Less At Day Trading: The Ultimate No-Nonsense Guide For Retail Traders on Getting A Reach Around From The Markets"  Part 2


Step into the world of professional day trading with Zalman “Sal” Sulaymanov’s transformative guide, "How To Suck Less At Day Trading." This isn’t just another trading manual; it's an unfiltered, comprehensive masterclass in navigating the markets with the wit, wisdom, and straight talk that only a seasoned trader and fund manager can provide.

Don't let the name fool you. This is the most comprehensive guide to “Mastering The Art of Day Trading” available to retail traders on the market today. This Book has been split into two essential parts due to its massive size, ensuring you receive the most in-depth and practical knowledge available. You will learn to think, and execute trades like an institutional trader, and begin a life of “Day Trading For a Living.”


A Massive Series for Ambitious Traders: Spanning two books, over 700 pages, 28 chapters, and 110 topic sections, this series offers an exhaustive exploration of day trading. Part 2 dives into market mechanics, technical analysis, and advanced trading strategies, providing the tools needed to take your trading to the next level.


Why This Series Is a Must-Read:

  • Unfiltered Insights: With over 15 years of daily price action trading experience, Sal has paid the necessary tuition AKA "Mistakes and Losses" in the school of hard knocks, AKA "The Market" so you don't have to. He cuts through the noise with frank discussions about the realities of day trading, offering a fresh, honest perspective and tough love that's rare in trading literature.


  • Proprietary Strategies and In-Depth Analysis: Dive deep into various trading systems, strategies, and technical analyses. Sal breaks down complex market structures, price action trading, and advanced techniques into bite-sized chunks of straight market knowledge. Whether you trade Stocks, Futures, Options, Bonds, or Forex, this book is for you.


  • Empowerment Through Knowledge: Learn the mechanics of the market, how to analyze technical indicators, and develop robust trading strategies. Understand the impact of market dynamics, correlations, and economic indicators to enhance your trading decisions.


  • Practical Tools and Resources: From leveraging charting software and trading hardware to selecting brokers and identifying the best times to trade, this guide provides all the essentials for setting up and succeeding in day trading.


What Sets This Book Apart:

  • No-Nonsense Approach: Sal’s straightforward, humorous style simplifies complex concepts, making this guide a refreshing read for traders at all levels.


  • Comprehensive Market Knowledge: Gain deep insights into financial markets, trading instruments, and the impact of global economic events on trading strategies. Learn about crucial topics you never knew existed but actually needed.


  • Tailored for Retail Traders: Specifically designed for retail traders, this book bridges the gap between amateur trading and professional expertise.


Embark on Your Day Trading Journey: "How To Suck Less At Day Trading" is more than a book; it's a transformative experience. It's your key to unlocking the secrets of the markets, helping you make more informed decisions and ultimately suck less at the art of day trading.


Exclusive Bonus for Readers: Get exclusive and unlimited access to recordings of live training sessions from our proprietary trading firm. This rare glimpse into professional trading environments offers a unique learning opportunity, allowing you to observe and learn from real-world trading scenarios and enhance your market strategies.


Get your copy today and transform your trading experience from mundane to extraordinary!

  • "Paperback Version" Part 1

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