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With Topics Explained In Detail

List Of Sections

  • So You Want To Be a Day Trader? 

  • Time for Some Tough Love

  • What to Expect When You Start Trading:  A Realistic Outlook 

  • Understanding the Pattern Day Trader Rule (PDT) 

  • The Business Of Day Trading: CEO, CFO, COO, and Janitor In One 

  • Commitment Required for Trading: Ball & Chain 

  • Tax Liabilities in Trading: What You Need to Know 

  • Professional Trader Status:  From Pajamas to Business Casual 

  • Retail vs. Institutional: 

  • Day Trading vs. Swing vs Scalping 

  • Trading Systems & Strategies:

  • Sim Trading:  The Traders Gym 

  • What Markets Can Be Traded: The Trader's Smorgasbord 

  • Trading Instruments Within Each Asset Class. 

  • Cryptocurrency 

  • Understanding Financial Markets: 

  • Function and Importance of Financial Markets 

  • Complex Landscape of Securities 

  • Market sectors: 

  • Major Exchanges worldwide: 

  • Noteworthy Financial Crises and Their Lasting Effects 

  • Regulatory Agency’s That Oversee The Market. 

  • Who are the key players? 

  • Market Makers and Arbitrageurs: 

  • The Zero-Sum Game in Financial Markets: (Almost) 

  • Best time of day to trade for each market 

  • Dark Pools In The Markets: The VIP Section

  • The Dynamics of Risk-On and Risk-Off Assets 

  • Trader's Lexicon: Trading Lingo and Slang 

  • The Economics of Pay for Order Flow and Zero-Commission Trades 

  • Navigating Commissions and Fees in Trading. 

  • Trade Settlement Process: In Milliseconds 

  • Understanding Margin in Trading:  The Silent Killer 

  • Charting Software

  • Hardware Essentials: Mission Control 

  • Connecting to the Financial Markets 

  • Trading Software: Your High-Tech Utility Belt 

  • News Sources: Your Radar Systems for Trading 

  • Market Research: Reconnaissance Mission 

  • Scanning: Your Treasure Hunt 

  • Pre-Market Preparation: Start and Warm Up Your Engine 

  • The Evolution and Importance of Trading Psychology: 

  • Emotional Discipline: The Zen Mastery of Trading 

  • The Self-Sabotage Cycle 

  • Fear and Greed in Trading: A Double-Edged Sword 

  • Trading vs Gambling 

  • Patience: The Unsung Hero of Trading Profits 

  • Sticking to Your Trading Rules: 

  • Meditation Exercises for Traders: A Guide to Enhanced Focus and Emotional Balance 

  • Advanced Meditation Exercises for Traders: Guide to Mastering Your Mind 

  • Neurolinguistic Programming for Day Traders: Mastering Your Mindset 

  • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis: 

  • Understanding Balance Sheets and Income Statements: 

  • Earnings Reports 

  • Economic Indicators: 

  • Market Moving Events Ranked By Importance 

  • Interest Rates and Their Impact: 

  • Trading The Futures Markets 

  • The Art of Charting 

  • Candlesticks in Trading: Introduction 

  • Liquidity in Financial Markets: The Lifeblood of The Markets 

  • Technical Analysis: The Study of Market Behavior 

  • Support and Resistance Levels: The Floors and Ceilings of Trading. 

  • The Dynamics of Supply and Demand: The Fuel of Support and Resistance 

  • Understanding Daily and Intraday Levels 

  • Understanding Market Structure: 

  • Fractal Nature: Market Complexity. 

  • Periods of Consolidation: 

  • Pullbacks, and Throwbacks: This Ain't Football! 

  • Dow Theory, Charles H. Dow: The Grand Daddy Modern Technical Analysis 

  • Mastering Trend Analysis: Markets Language 

  • Market Reversals: The Mechanics. 

  • Multi-Time Frame Analysis 

  • Auction Market Theory: The Grand Bazaar of Trading 

  • What Moves the Markets: The Symphony of Buying and Selling 

  • Psychological Trading Levels: The Herd Mentality and Its Impact on Market Behavior 

  • Everyone Has A Theory 

  • Volume Principles in Trading: Gas Pedal of The Market 

  • Pivot Points: A Trader's Compass for Identifying Key Price Levels 

  • Price Gaps 

  • Proactive and Reactive Support and Resistance 

  • Identifying Areas of Supply and Demand: AKA “ZONING” 

  • Market Depth and The Order Book: The Trader's X-Ray Vision 

  • Trading DOM (Depth of Market) 

  • A Guide to Order Types in Trading 

  • The Bid-Ask Spread: The Trader's Transaction Cost 

  • Market Orders: The “I Want It Now" of Trading 

  • Limit Orders: The "Name Your Price" of Trading 

  • Stop Orders: The "Safety Net" of Trading

  • Chart Indicators: Comprehensive Guide 

  • Leading and Lagging Indicators 

  • Most Popular Chart Indicators 

  • Fibonacci: The Golden Ratio. 

  • Divergence in Trading: A Signal You Can't Afford to Ignore 

  • Market Correlations: The Threads That Tie Markets Together. 

  • Seasonality in the Financial Markets 

  • Candle Stick Patterns: 

  • Chart Patterns 

  • Get In Tune With The Markets 

  • Market Sentiment 

  • Price Action 

  • Risk Management: 

  • Step 1: Crafting Your Trading Objective 

  • Step 2: Methodology Behind Your Trade Plan 

  • Step 3: Risk Management and Your Trade Plan 

  • Step 4: Trading Strategies in Your Trade Plan 

  • Step 5: Keep a Trade Log 

  • Trading Strategies: “The War Plans” 


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